Messages & Music On Hold!

You’re looking for an “on hold” company? We are the one you want. If you don’t look any further on our website, here are a few things we want you to know about us: There’s no equipment to buy and no long-term contract to sign. Everything is done in-house from script writing and recording to billing and customer service. Our commitment to quality and service at great rates goes back to 1987.

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Messages & Music on hold

On Hold Messaging
From Scripting to production, we build the perfect audio image for your company with our “On Hold” messaging options. Our customized messages are a great way to keep your callers entertained while informing them about your business.

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In-Store Music

Set the ideal ambiance for your clientele with our “In-Store Music” options. Choose from over 150 music channels or design your own sound to create the perfect audio environment for your business.

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In-Store Messaging

Our “In-Store Messages” are the perfect complement to our “In-Store Music” and will allow you to capture your precise target market’s attention with useful marketing information while they are in your store.

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